And it's all okay

I just wanted to follow up to the last post (which I needed to write, to be able to write the story and have it down, leave it behind, and take up what is in front of me) with some great news.

We are all okay!  Kid A is doing remarkably well.  He's annoyed, as well he might be, by a big white heavy arm, but he's playing cricket in the yard with his left arm, so I'd say he's doing okay. 

I still don't have a computer at home.  It's frustrating and a mini-unplugged blessing all at once.  (What is a mini-unplugged blessing?  Why did I hyphenate that?  Does anyone know?)

We have lots of new neighbors in this international neighborhood.  Our next-door neighbors are Russian, kitty-corner (should that be hyphenated?  Does anyone know?  Am I just a random hyphen-ator?) are two Israeli women, across the way is an Irish-French couple, and down the street are some more French friends and some British friends.  We are getting to know everyone, and it is fun and challenging, all at once. 

YaYa is a great lover of all animals and insects and reptiles and amphibians.  Her love for them is so strong that I sometimes fear for her.  "I draw the line at spiders," I told her once, as she ran up to me to show me the jumping spider that she was playing with. 

The other day she said to me, "It's like the mosquito was telling me a secret.  He got all close to my ear and said mmmmmmmm." 

The curiously horrifying whine of a mosquito, in my daughter's world, is cuddly and cozy and kind.  If that's not beautiful, what is?