I think there is a moment when as a writer you finally get it.

So that's why I'm always watching, you whisper for your own ears.  It's the sharing that makes it all more real, all more true and beautiful.

I'm so glad now to have people to share with.  Many of you are probably writers, and you understand.

And now, in the spirit of sharing, I have some advice.  I'd save it for a Works for me Wednesday or something of that sort, but it's too good to hold on to.

If ants get into your sugar (and they will, because they can walk up to a sealed plastic bag and somehow end up on the inside without any visible entrance), relax!  Don't be sad, you can still use the sugar for your coffee.  Just put it in, and then pick the small floating ants off the top.  (Another hint:  It's easier to see them if you add cream.  If you are too proud to add cream, well, it's not my fault if it takes you a long time to pick your ants out.)

Also, you can avoid the whole problem altogether if you store the sugar in the freezer to begin with.