Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy our Calendar, Rather than a Puppy

10. No more trouble correlating the date and the day!  With our handy-dandy calendar, simply point to the date and there is a little square on top that will let you know what day of the week it is!  A puppy can't do that, silly!

9.  It doesn't chew your shoes or the couch cushions.

8.  They lied.  A calendar is man's best friend.

7.  There are photos of animals that work a lot harder than a puppy in our calendar.

6.  It will hang on your wall.  It isn't humane to hang a puppy on the wall.

5.  It won't peepee on the floor.

4.  You can turn the pages.  Puppies don't have pages.

3.  Buying a puppy will not feed our children.

2.  It won't bite you.

And the number one reason to buy our calendar rather than a puppy:

1.  No training necessary.  You don't have to sit and look at it daily, yelling sit!  Come!  Stay!  and all that rubbish.

Don't say I didn't warn you.