10 Beautiful Things on a Day When I'd Rather Not Admit That Anything is Beautiful

1. My husband is juggling and passing with a new friend from New York who is here for a short while. New friends are beautiful.  Especially guy friends for my dear husband who is hanging out a lot with myself, Cate and Renee, lately.

2. Solo's smiles.

3. Leafy being a brave boy even though he has a skin infection; a form of staph which is common in young kids in developing countries.

4. My house is clean.  Somewhat.

5. We're heading out tonight to have dinner and watch the sunset.

6. Laundry hanging out on a neighbor's roof.

7.  The little Russian boy next door learning English from my kids, as well as how sweet and patient they are with him.  "What is this is?" he asks, over and over again as they look through books.  And they tell him.  "Speed boat... police car... caboose... taxi... truck... tractor..." He definitely has thematic inquiries.

8. Cold water when you are thirsty.

9.  A headache easing with a nap.

10. There is a certain beauty to loneliness, isn't there?  It lets you know you are a person, you are real, and you need others.