After waking up feeling a bit panicky

There are few things that make me happier than the fact that the tree outside my house has turned out to be a cherry tree.


It is for its beauty that I love it, nothing else. We will not be here long enough to eat the cherries. In fact, we are in the homestretch now. So soon we will be airborne. So soon we will be over the clouds.

I remember that I am writing my story, that this is my own adventure. I remember that adventures are not often easy. Often you find yourself hiking wearily along, looking forward to the campfire and bit of hard ground at the end of the trail. But sometimes adventures burst out at you with a shower of sparks and you get to see your kids' eyes get really big at their first sight of a camel outside of the zoo. Or you find yourself drinking Turkish coffee on a side street that you've never seen before.

It is this that I look forward to. I am waiting for these blossoms to unfurl, the tightly held travelers to burst out in the sun. I look forward to who we become, because this is our adventure.