Reasons why this pregnancy is the best one so far

I am still fighting with this monstrous headache, so in the interest of keeping it positive, here's my list of why this pregnancy rocks.

1. I'm sleeping through the night. Didn't happen when I was pregnant with YaYa, or Leafy really, for that matter. Sleeping through the night when you are pregnant is a nice perk. And I guess I should say, mostly. There is the occasional bad dream (Kid A), wet bed (YaYa), or lost pacifier (Leafy) to deal with. But I didn't sleep through the night a single time from the day Kid A was born until the day we moved to the Land when YaYa was fifteen months old and she decided she liked the quiet of the woods. Of course, at that point, I was almost ready to have Leafy.

2. We don't live in one room. This is the first pregnancy that I've experienced where I haven't been sharing a room with my snorkly kids. (Snorkly sounds like this: snorkle, sniff, cough, snorkle.)

3. I have a comfortable bed. First time, yo! With Kid A we slept on a futon that was the consistency of cement. Why we did this for so long I cannot fathom. Oh yes, we had a blank space instead of a bank balance. But still, the floor would have been more comfortable. And then there was the bunkbed with the quarter inch foamy on top of metal rails. Oh, you don't really want to know. But now. Well, I've already told you how I love our mattress. (Sultan Husted from IKEA, if you want to know. We just have it on the floor. Perfect.)

4. My Superstar Husband has truly learned how to be a the Superloving Husband of a pregnant woman. Emotions? He can handle them! Do I need space? Take the space you need, baby! Dying and you can't move another inch? He'll pick up tacos on his way home! This is not to say that he doesn't still need reminders. Or that he has in any way improved in the Valentine's Day sector. But then, neither have I. And everyone needs reminders.
5. I have a washer and dryer in my house, that I am not sharing with twenty people. This is a first. This is not undervalued by me.
6. I'm not changing diapers. JUST KIDDING! Ha ha ha ha, ho ho hee. Not changing diapers. Chuckle.

7. Spiced tortilla chips from Trader Joe's. Today I bought three bags of them. Three bags.

So, I'm bearing in mind that this is all short lived. Soon I will be quite possibly sleeping in a tent on the ground with my entire family, wondering why I complained about that futon. Then again, I have been longing for this kind of travel for years, so maybe reason 8 that this is the best pregnancy so far is that I will walk through this one in many different countries. I'll remember that when I am craving salsa in a country where salsa does not exist.