A highly acute sense of hearing*

Things have been rough around here, lately. Our little Sacramento community cluster has been taking some hits, the latest of which is our friend in the hospital.

So, today, my friend Joy (the wise-cracking one) came over so that we could pray together. I think she also came over so that we could hang out a little, too, and so that she could chew on my kids for awhile... but I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm just telling people to come on over, because I am locked down in my house until further notice. (Until my remaining things are contained in a few totes.) Except for my visa run yesterday, but I'll tell you about that later.

I was on the phone when she arrived, so she just came on in and started cooking some food that she brought with her. In my kitchen, with my pots. Just making herself right at home. Can I just say for a minute how much my delicate heart LOVES THIS? I love it when people come in and start cooking. Especially when they give me some food. Like Joy did.

Anyways, after some food and some inevitable banter, we sat down to pray. I was sorting through photos also, and we paused to ooh and aahh over some of our long-time friends looking oh-so-young, like babies, in some of the photos. And then we realized, we really must let some of this worry and angst out, laying it down at the feet of the One who can do something about it.

So we started to pray. It's a mysterious thing, praying together. You sit and talk, not to each other, but to Someone you can't see. And you mm hmmm and uh huh, if you're into that sort of thing. Whatever you say, you're pretty much baring your deepest heart in front of some other person. It's a little awkward. And it's holy ground.

We had just gotten started, when YaYa came running inside. This is what she had to tell me:

"Mama! Kid A accidentally peed on my foot!"

So, I'm all, alright. What on earth. Why right this second does Kid A have to pee on his sister's foot? And how did that happen? And why is he peeing outside, anyways?

"How did he accidentally pee on your foot?"

"He was making mud for us, and he accidentally got some of the pee on my foot."

OH. Okay. My son was making pee mud. For them to play in. In the front yard. And he missed, a little, and got some on my daughter's foot. Which doesn't really matter that much, since they were planning to play in it anyways, but that hasn't occurred to either of them, because that's not how they think. They don't think like that. LIKE SANE PEOPLE.

Anyways, Joy and I pressed on, amidst washing the foot, and I need new pants, and get some out of your drawer, and I need the ones with the belt, and they're in the hamper, and these ones? and Kid A, stop touching the negatives, and Leafy stop touching that photo, and I want it! That's DADDY! and you still can't touch it...

Sometimes I am just so glad that God can hear our squeaky voices, even through all the din.

(*Where's that from?)