Do you ever have that thing happen where you're just waking up in the morning and your mind is rolling around between odd little dreams and awake thoughts, and something occurs to you that is so, so important? And not only important but it's something that you missed?
And maybe you sit up and smack yourself in the head and you can't believe how dense you were?

That's what happened to me this morning, because my blog entered my odd snippets of dreams and my awake thoughts and I remembered that I wrote that I pulled the birthday together, and in my dream a tall bony tree shook his finger at me, frowning, because ha ha ha whoops!

It was actually my dear friends who pulled the birthday together. All I did was decorate, hear me, decorate the cake. I didn't even bake it. And I should be able to decorate a cake, after the years of painting. But they took YaYa out for her birthday horsey ride, and made the incredible birthday dinner and hosted us.
And I thought, well, maybe it's beating a dead horse to correct that, but that bony tree wouldn't let me get away with it. And even newspapers make corrections. So, thank you guys, thank you so, so much.