Just letting it out.

Dude, I am so, so blessed. I know it. On the ferry home today I watched my kids watching TV with their arms around each other, and I realized again, I am so, so blessed.

At the same time, I wrote my friend an email tonight, telling her about the boats in the dock at Victoria's Fisherman's wharf, and how I wandered around them, and my eyes caressed the smallest of them. I was dreaming of days in the future when the children will be all grown up, and Chinua and I will live on a tiny boat and read books and eat fish and sail into the blue.

You have to know that I am all for living in the right now. And that I treasure my precious young.

So as I wrote to my friend, I realized that dreaming of these (small) boats is a good indicator of how the kids have been DRIVING ME UP A WALL. I'M GOING TO GO COMPLETELY INSANE IF ANYONE WHINES AT ME EVER AGAIN.

Okay. I'm done.