Well, today I was planning to just go ahead and write a post. I felt inspired! My hands were twitching! That can be a good indication that I'm ready to write again, as is the fact that I fell asleep thinking up this seriously strange post that I do believe I'll write someday.

Anyways, I got ready to write my little posty-poo, and saw that I have somehow lost the ability to upload photos. I assumed that the latest version of Wordpress had caused my version to no longer work. I guess I'd better upgrade- finally, I thought to myself.

And then I broke my blog.

And then I had a panic attack, partly because I was trying to fix my blog at the same time as potty train my two-year-old. NOT SMART. There may not be two more frustrating things in the world than web code and two-year-old boys who are leaping between the potty and the toilet, refusing to pay attention and finally peeing on the rug.

Web code probably wins the pull-your-hair out competition, though.

So, then, yes, I burst into tears. I was pretty afraid that everything was gone. I was mostly afraid for the three years of writing that have gone into this website. I felt a little like throwing up. And my husband stroked my face and was nice to me. And I hit myself in the forehead a few thousand times.

And then suddenly, I fixed it. But, as you can see, it's still slightly broken. There are strange messages written all over the page. What can they mean? And I still can't upload any photos.

However, it will have to wait, because I'm tired and pregnant and wanting to hang out because today is the first day of our family reunion. Remember, though. I'm no professional.

Pregnancy update: I've reached the point in this whole pregnancy schtick where I have two companions who make themselves known at many moments during the day.

The first is, of course, my wittle baby. Tap tap tap, he/she says. Tap tap wriggle. It's code for I love you.

The second is heartburn. And it burns burns burns, the ring of fire. It's code for you are going to regret eating anything at all. Ever.