In Portland we drop in

We call some friends (one good thing about the diaspora of our community is that we have friend in many cities) and drop in. We meet at the park. The kids have glowing halos around their heads as they play on the swings. We ooh and aah over how much their kids have grown. They ooh and aah over ours. It is chilly in the shade so we shift around to get into the sun-- our eyes are happy to see each other.

We decide to stay for the night. Dusk is close, it is the golden hour and Chinua's shutter is never still. Our friend bicycles away toward his house and we follow him in the van.

Food and wine happen, we talk and lounge on the floor. I'm not feeling so great so I ask if I may take a bath. My friend pours one for me and when I go into the bathroom, there are candles lit and bamboo towels on the rack.

Time has passed, but not much time has passed. Our kids speak in full sentences, they are a little taller, but our hearts are the same.