I wish you could have been here today when we reached a little Kebab restaurant and two Turkish men rushed to pull out a pink satin highchair and then fuss over putting Leafy in it, until he was all strapped in (does anyone even bother with the straps with their third kid?) and had a large chunk of bread in his hand to start stuffing into his mouth.  Or when various older men rush out of their shops to give the kids candy, which is so sweet of them and also makes this healthy mama cringe a bit, since we're a low candy consumption kind of family.

It just took me an hour to write that paragraph, because I'm using this weird Turkish keyboard and it's really really hard to use.

We have had our moments, for sure.  There's YaYa and her various breakdowns over the states of the bathrooms.  She's always had an issue with bathrooms, so every experience is a hurdle for her. 

Or there is the way we went out this morning to do some errands and got everything done- shopped at a little market for olives and fresh cheese and Turkish pickles (of course) - got Leafy some pants- and bought some diapers (I think we need to be more settled for potty train?ng to work) and shampoo, only to leave it all on the bus on the way home.  And let me just say, Turkey is not cheap. It was a smooth move, pregnancy brain style.  Arg.

And of course, I should be at a Rainbow Gathering right now- the whole reason we came to Turkey.  But it was just too hard, there was not enough food (it ?s like a big remote camping experience where everyone throws money together and then a couple of meals a day are cooked over a fire) and so Chinua brought me and a friend who was not feeling so well into a beautiful nearby town.  He went back in this morning.  We seem to have everything we need, except of course my brain, sufficient patience, and my computer, which is in another town, in storage. 

I think I can pray for the first two... Iill just have to wait for the third.  And then I'll show pictures... of the tractor rides, the herds of sheep, and the blue Aegean Sea.