1. Fethiye seems to be very well known in England.  I think that 3 out of 4 tourists here are from the UK.  So interesting.  I wonder how that happens?  Guidebooks?

2.  In the interest of adventure and a change of scenery for the kids, we went on a boat tour yesterday.  The boats line the harbor here, all boasting a 12 island tour with lunch included.  It was pretty cheap (about 20 USD) and the kids were free, so we decided to go for it- hey, lunch is included!  We had fun.  Or maybe we had funnish.  YaYa claims that she didn't have any fun.  I had fun trying to keep Leafy from going overboard. 

3. The kids did make a friend- a little girl from England named Mia.  They squabbled a bit about what things were called: "Do you want any crisps?"  "Those are chips."  "NO, they're not CHIPS." and so on.  We had some good lessons in how words are different in different countries. 

4.  I absolutely adored swimming in the Mediterranean.  I thought this was the Aegean Sea, but I believe we are on the very edge of the Mediterranean.  It's fun, pretty cold, but very refreshing, and if you just relax with your feet straight down in the water, your head doesn't sink.

5.  I am getting so much exercise that I am pretty sure this will be my fittest pregnancy ever, despite a lumpy start.  I am not sure how many km we walk a day, but it's a lot, let me tell you.  We live up a hill which we climb by a few flights of stairs, too, several times a day. 

6. It's a good thing we are walking a lot, because we are also eating a lot of bread and cheese.  But we make sure to eat fruit and veggies too... tomatoes are in season here- we are overdosing on tomatoes. 

7.  Later I will show you a picture of the Turkish breakfast we eat every morning. 

8. I got too much sun yesterday- we spent eight hours on the boat.  Whew.  Last night the kids rubbed my back with Shea butter and made sympathetic noises... "Oh Mama, your poor, poor back."  They were very sweet. 

9. I miss my Superstar Husband.  He tells the best stories, plays the best games, and has the sweetest face. 

10.  When I get my computer back, I will get reacquainted with the blog world.  It's funny, how much I miss reading about you and your lives.

11.  I'm thinking a lot about the beautiful people I met at the Rainbow Gathering.  People from Iran, from Israel, from Turkey, from Germany, from Russia.  One night around the fire the Israelis sang the Iranians an Iranian folksong that they learned in Farsi.  So beautiful. Where does this happen?