I witnessed something that struck me as such a tender moment in time, as I stood on our balcony hanging clothes on the line yesterday.

We are temporarily in a little flat above a busy chowk (intersection) and yesterday at about 1:30 all the kids got out of school.  They all wear uniforms, checkered shirts with navy shorts or skirts, and as they flocked out into the chowk, dozens of mopeds came by; fathers and mothers picking up their kids.  I watched as two or three kids jumped on a moped with their dads, ready to go home after a day of school.  I waved at the girls with long braided hair.

In a few minutes most people were gone, and then the rains came, heavy and fast and in sheets.

I am glad for these moments.

I've uploaded a whole lot of photos to my Flickr account, mostly from Turkey and Israel.  Also, our first post is up at Fly Fishes Fly! It's our new blog about life in India with our traveling family.  The bonus to this new blog will be more practicalities of life overseas, plus the beauty of Chinua's writing in the mix.  And photography.  We'll get it all together a little bit more as we get internet at home.  For now I'm really happy because I found a place to do internet that has faster speeds than dialup.  Hooray!