Exhausted, but here.

Hot, but here.

A little confused, but here.

Reaching a city in India is like having the layers peeled back that normally protect you from the tragedy and beauty of humanity.  The buffer zone is gone, and there it is before you.  You always know, in the back of your mind, that some children play in trash heaps.  You know that there are many different religions in the world.  You know that there are shanty towns, that some people wear bright clothing, like flowers, you know that in certain places the water is not clean.

In Mumbai, there it was, all of it.

It always makes me feel a little like I'm seeing a bit of what God always sees.

We have left Mumbai, and last night took a night bus south to Goa.  Let's not talk about how badly I needed to pee on that bus.

So, here we are.  Intact, loving each other, figuring out the next step.