Sometimes a husband may need to take a quick trip to Bombay, a mere 12 hours drive away, for reasons which will no longer be mentioned here, because further mention would be simply draining, but in pig latin would be something like the ipping-shay oblem-pray.

Sometimes a husband and wife may argue over who gets to have the wireless internet device thingy that usually they share. The discussion may or may not turn to questions of who is more deserving of outside connection and entertainment in the interim that the husband will be in Bombay. Then the husband and wife will probably think a little about what roaming in Bombay alone for a few days will be like and the decision to send the internet device thingy with the husband will be unanimous.

And the wife will be in the house with the childrens for a couple of days, not posting, not knowing that perhaps people are fearing for her safety and the safety of her unborn babe because of giant blue creatures that roam the wide, wide seas, stinging innocent people.

But what concerned people should know is that while innocent people were being stung, other people were safe at home, no doubt eating cookies and rereading books. Or moaning about the state of their hips. Or fighting with Jaya about who gets to make tea.

And then, when the people, the innocent ones, the stung ones, got home, the unstung Mama person was able to offer comfort and assistance after all the tears had already been cried, when everyone was tired and talking peacefully about the strange story of the blue sea creature.

So there are some answers. Here's a question. Should I tell you about the lice? You probably don't really need to know about the dangers of sleeper buses and the lice, do you? I'm sure that at some point in your life you've done a little nit-picking yourself. You've gone over things with a fine-tooth comb. Or not, if you're us and a fine-tooth comb wouldn't get through your hair in a million trillion years. You probably don't need to hear about the lice. So I won't tell you.

Don't think it's all strange animals around here, though. Okay, a lot of it is strange animals around here. But there are also the incredible vistas. The green greenness which is astounding. The fruit! The simple pleasure of finding pretty things in the market. Scooter rides every day. Flowers in the night air. Preparing for a new wee one. Making friends. And food! Good food.

Tomorrow I'll post my first Indian cookery post at Fly Fishes Fly. Happy days.