Three years!

No baby yet.

Just because I know that's the first thing on your mind. Jeez, don't you think about anything else? Me? I've moved on. Just because this baby prefers the inside doesn't mean that I have to think about the birth every day, hope for labor to start, jump up and down a little, complain unceasingly about how uncomfortable I am, look at my new stretch marks every day to see whether they've grown...

See how composed I am?

Anyways, it came to my attention that I missed my third anniversary of keeping this blog.

I am endlessly glad that I started it. Here I have grown as a writer, I have kept records of years of my kids' lives that I might have otherwise whined my way through, and I have transitioned through major things with the help of my blogging community friends. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, and there are things that I maybe wouldn't have been able to get through without you.

Community is a grand thing.

Like the way I can tell you about the fact that the water hasn't come for three days now, and we are hauling water out of the well, and you'll sigh and sympathize. (Maybe. Maybe you'll say, "buck up, woman, what did you expect when you moved to India?" And then you'll say, "we're hauling? Don't you mean, Chinua's hauling? He's the one who needs our sympathy. And you should be glad that you have a well." And then I'll say, "See- that's exactly the kind of thing that I needed to hear! Now I'm going to go kiss Chinua- or the Well Man, as I've begun calling him.")

So, since I'm celebrating doing this blog thing for three years, I've been peering into my archives and picking out favorites, which you can see in my new Favorites tab up there. See it? I have a looooonnng way to go and they are in no particular order right now. Maybe later I'll put them in a comprehensible order. For now, just be blessed by the chaos.

And for my present, if there are any lurkers interested in delurking... I love you! Leave a comment, if you'd like.

That's all. Have a lovely day and think of me when you turn your tap on.