Water Update and Other Important Things

We have tentative water. Hooray!  The water is tentative because not as much has been coming as usual, so we are being conservative with it. Which is always a good thing.

Yesterday I was very proud of myself for using a tiny bucket of water to wash YaYa's (plentiful) hair.  The hair that now fits into a ponytail without her complaining about it being too tight, and looks so lovely in the ponytail, because it shows off the way her face is made, that I want to cry?  Almost?  Or just kiss her.  There is no denying that she is a lovely girl.  Also no denying that I am the only person in my family with lamo eyelashes.

So, if we are conservative, the water comes out of the taps to flush the toilet and go through the Aquaguard.  The Aquaguard is my favorite thing about this house.  Imagine fresh, clean water just coming out of the wall.  Or maybe it's not hard for you to imagine that, because you've never spent ten months hand-pumping every drop of water you drank through a stubborn carbon filter.

Whoa, I have a lot of rabbit trails tonight.

This is not a rabbit trail: My dear friend Carrien, whom I have always called Queen Carrien, is having a contest and fundraiser for refugee kids from Burma.  The cool part is that they actually know this guy who's been looking for and finding refugee kids and is now taking care of them.  And really soon Carrien's husband is going to go and give him the money that they raise. He's taking care of 40 kids at this point, kids who were on the run from a government who has nothing even resembling their protection in its mind.

So, you can visit her here and learn all about it, how to donate, what they're doing to help, even the life decision their family is making to get a whole lot closer to refugees in Thailand.

I will also tell you that I gave a toast at Carrien's wedding, but half my dress was gone because I had to rip it off because it was split all down the back while I was taking photos.  Good thing I always wore pants under my dresses back then.  And do still. You never know when the bottom half of your dress will rip off.  But Carrien looked like a fairytale princess, which is the only important part.