Oh, I like him.

Baby Solo is just the sweetest thing.  Before each time I have a baby I wonder if I'm up to it again.  But then, there is the baby, with his smell (it really is all about the smell- God knew what he was doing) and sounds and warmth.  It's totally okay to wake up every few hours.

Chinua and I have black plastic bags on our heads, with rubbing alcohol and apple cider vinegar steeping in our dreadlocks.  We call this, Lice kill, Stage Four.  Just don't even ask.  Just feel sorry for us.  Thanks.

So not what I need right now.  But I'm going to shut up about it.

Today Leafy started crying at noon, went to his bed, cried some more, refused to tell us why, and then put himself to sleep.  He slept for four hours and then woke up in a perfect mood.  ???  We are all feeling a little under the weather.

I made the chapatis tonight, with Jaya hovering over my shoulder (under my shoulder, really, since she's about five feet tall) tsking under her breath about how not round they were.

I can't keep myself from cleaning.

I'm going to be in this house for a long time.  I'll explain why later, but you're going to be hearing a lot about things that happen right here in this little ol house.

We are going to be househunting soon.

The strangest things occur to me when I'm feeding the baby at night.  Like last night, I was sitting there thinking about how much I loved it when our plane landed in Israel and everyone on board started to applaud.

We have some dear friends with us now, friends that we have known about for a long time but have only just now met.  They are leaving tomorrow.  I wish they didn't have to go.  They have the sweetest little boy and he and YaYa have been like peas in a pod while they've been here.  And they're Aussies and I love Aussies.

Everyone in this house makes chai differently.

Did I mention that I have a garbage bag on my head right now?

Did I mention that somehow the kids have managed to escape the lice?

Did I mention that the last time I had lice I was in India?  Seven and a half years ago?

Tomorrow we are putting olive oil on our heads.  Just so you know.

My back is pretty sore.  I'm actually pretty knackered. (Aussie.) Too much chapati making and lice treatment.

YaYa has one of the most delightful laughs I've ever heard.

I was really happy about spending some time alone with Leafy after that gigantic nap, when Chinua had the other two kids out with him... I put the baby to bed and was telling Renee how good it felt, and she said, "Do you realize that you still have two kids home with you right now?"  It's amazing, how we adjust.

The weather has made a change, but we sure do need that dryer still.  I hope it will rain some more.  It didn't rain enough this year.  The sun has been nice, though.  And the humidity has been much lower.

I'm pretty sure that I love my Superstar Husband more than I ever have before.

And I'm praying for friends everywhere.  That's all for now.