It's like we were raised during the depression or something

(Let me make the disclaimer that this was first thing in the morning, so I was pretty sleepy.)

Renee: "So, did you see my note?"

Rae: "Nope."

Renee: "Well, last night when I went to put the yogurt into the milk to make yogurt, there was a little frog in the milk.  Do you think I should throw it out?"

Rae: "Did it just jump in and jump out?"

Renee: "No, it was dead.  I think it got in when it was hot and couldn't get back out."

Rae:  "Hmmm.  Let me ask Chinua.  Chinua, there was a dead frog in the yogurt, do you think we shouldn't eat it?"

Chinua: "What?"

Rae:  "A frog got into the yogurt and died- we shouldn't eat it, right?"

Chinua:  "Why are you even asking me that?  Of COURSE not!"

Rae: "Oh... right."