We have frogs and toads.  (I think the photo Chinua took of one of the toads last night is the funniest thing ever.  Just look at his face!) All over.  I just saw a few hop past.

Also bats.  The jungle is so alive.  YaYa plays with the insects for hours, holding caterpillars up to her face to feel their fuzziness.  This horrifies Jaya beyond description.

Today I heard Leafy say, as he let a teeny tiny black ant crawl onto his hand, “Come on little ant, I’ll give you a ride on my finger!”

Still fighting back the fear here, folks!  But as Jesus says, "Each day has troubles enough of its own."
I drove the van this morning!  And there were no casualties.  It messes me up, worse than I thought it would, to have the gear shift in my left hand.  I feel like I’m trying to learn how to drive shift, or “standard” as we would say in Canada, all over again.

People laughed at me many times.  Because I’m funny looking!  And foreign!  And driving a van!  Not to mention stalling.

I take it all in stride.  But I was sweating by the end of our marketing episode.

There really aren’t many road rules.  Use your horn a lot, pass when you feel you can, get where you need to go.  If say, you’re at a traffic circle, feel free to exit from the inside lane or the outside lane.  Actually, what am I talking about?  There are no lanes!

Thankfully we are all driving fairly slowly.