YaYa and Leafy Have Something to Say

YaYa: Leafy I just love you so much, and I hold you so tight like this because I want to protect you! From life! From falling! From yourself!

Leafy: YaYa, I know you do, but sometimes your holding me like that makes me CRAZY.

YaYa: Oh honey, it's for your own good.

Leafy: AAAHGHGHGHGH!!! Ack. Cough. Arg.

YaYa: Yes, but did you know that if you put your fingers at the sides of your mouth and pull, it looks really silly?

Leafy: Yes I did, you've told me a thousand times.

YaYa: Well, let's!

Leafy: Well, okay, it is REALLY SILLY, after all! And you know I'm all about silly!

Let us now take heed from Leafy and Yaya's example.

(Thanks everyone as always, for your kindness and affirmation, and thanks, Kay for bravely explaining about your intent. We disagree, but it is plain that you are a friend.)