That chin might kill me

I'm so exhausted.  There doesn't seem to be anything left of me.  I search in my sleeves, after the kids have fallen asleep, and my arms have fallen away.  I can't carry a single thing, and I slip through cracks in doorways, even when I not planning to enter. I wonder if there is anything remaining, anything that has not been taken by cooking and talking and staining furniture and teaching.

The phone rings.  I cringe.  When it is like this, I know I am in a bad way.

And yet, things are not bad.  There is always another stone to leap on, just in front of me, whether or not I am in spectral form, whether or not there is any solidity to me. I jump from stone to stone. I take my time.

Small fish make their way through the river below. The sun is blinding me as it flashes off their scales.

Solo really started walking today. Flash!

YaYa drew a beautiful picture of Jason and the Golden Fleece.  Flash!

Leafy said, "What if I took my head off, and it grew small little bones that became feet, and small little bones that became arms, and it walked around all by itself and drank water?"Flash!

And there is this picture of Kid A:


Which reminds me to watch for fish. Flash! Don't stop seeing their beautiful, rainbowy scales, even if you are just barely able to stumble from stone to stone.

Also, check out this awesome website, and this one. (Made by the same people.)  I fell in love.