Day one: Ramblings of a lonely woman

Well, I think I'll attempt to do a NaBloPoMo again, although something or other has always prevented me from succeeding in the past.  So come back here every day this month for my not-so-lucid ramblings.

Speaking of not-so-lucid ramblings; my poor husband is going to come out of the rainbow gathering where he has no technology, only to find a one sided conversation with me in his email, including at least one sobbing-on-the-couch epistle in which I mention the word death.  The very next message?  Declarations of my undying love for him. It occurs to me that the last time Chinua left, my sister was with me, stemming the tide of the crazies.  And the time before that?  Matty, the brother full of awesome who also mopped the overflow of the crazies.  In their absence, some strange posts and some strange emails in my husband's inbox.  Ahhhh.

Today I wanted to show you this newest video from my friends at Drawn From Water.  (I've been looking at airline tickets today... dreaming of visiting them.) After watching the video, I realize that nothing more really needs to be said about it.  It says it all. Loneliness suddenly seems unimportant.

Drawn From Water, Adopt from Drawn From Water on Vimeo.