Day Twelve: A small miracle

Last night I slept through the night for the first time in almost two years.  I feel amazing.  I feel surges of patience and fuzzy goodwill and cheer that weren't there before.  Solo slept through the night also, and he also claims to feel amazing. More kissing power.

When I say his full name, he imitates me by saying, "Nomen nomen nomen."  And then my heart stops because he's adorable.

Tomorrow I will take a writing day.  And all I can say is that it's ABOUT TIME.  The people in my novel are laying on their backs, holding their hands out to me limply, calling in their frail voices, "We'll dieeee if you don't brinnnng us to liiiifffee."

The rain stopped today and I got the rest of the plants in the ground.  I bashed my shin on a stool when the power went out and I was trying to get a candle, and then I yelled at the kids for leaving the stool there, which is really not fair, since I wouldn't have said anything about it if I hadn't bashed my leg so hard that there was an instant lump. Then I hugged them and kissed them.  And held my leg and moaned a bit.