Day Fifteen: I have an excuse

There were cyclone-like winds last night. Again. The power was out all evening.  We filled our house with candles and I sleepily lounged around because candles make me sluggish and content.  Then, just as I was drifting off to sleep, the power came back and so did all the lights!  Then the clicking from light switch to light switch, tired feet on an unforgiving floor.

I'm yawning now. I was going to link to something exciting (starts with "c" ends with "alendar") but my super x-ray night editing vision caught a mistake.  So I'll put that link up later.

Here's a story about how three men who were caught in the cyclone that came through this week, (it has a name: Cyclone Phyan) survived in the sea by clinging to plastic bottles and then were shouted at and turned away at the Government Hospital near the capital, here in Goa.  I'd just like to point out that my son and I were treated very badly at this same hospital, that I suspect they are trained to be heartless, and that in fact I suspect them to be part of the axis of evil.

There are good hospitals here. Decent hospitals.  That one?  I'm not sure what they're playing at, but it's tough to imagine shouting at three men who have just been shipwrecked and staying afloat for 24 hours, who have broken arms and concussions, and tossing them out on their ears!  They did end up getting treatment in one of the good hospitals.

The cyclone was pretty rough.  It came out of the blue and a lot of fishermen were killed.  No one from our village, because it just happened to be a Catholic Feast day, and no one was out in their boats. I'm thankful that no one nearby was hurt or killed, but sad for the other families.