Day Sixteen: Two quotes, a link, and a strange poster

Here's a conversation that I eavesdropped on:

Leafy: "What if I cut a bear in half?"

Kid A and YaYa in unison: "That would be really terrible, Leafy!"

Leafy: "But I would clean the knife!"

Kid A: "No, not terrible for the knife. (Laughter) Terrible for the bear!"

YaYa: "A bear is an animal, Leafy!"

Kid A: "Yeah, how would you feel if someone killed you!"

YaYa: "It would hurt the bear."

Leafy: "It's a bad bear.  If it tried to kill me I would cut it in half!"

YaYa: "A bear is a wild animal!  We can't kill wild animals!"

Kid A: "If you kill a bear, then you should be killed." (Overkill... heh heh)

Leafy: "MAMA! Kid A SAID..."  and then I stepped in.


A conversation I was a part of:

Leafy: "What's for breakfast, oatmeal or mu-sell-li?"

Me: "I just woke up, I don't know wait-and-see."

Leafy: "What? (Laughter) "Who's Andsee?"

Me: "Nooooo.  Wait. And. See."

YaYa: "Yeah.  And Antsy is the lady who's visiting Cate."

Me: (Laughter) "No, YaYa, that's Nancy."


Chinua put together some beautiful calendars this year, and it's not too late to get them before the New Year!

One is based on Color in India.

One is a year of India Faces.

And one is a beautiful abstract collection of photos of a carnival he happened upon, back in Canada.


And here is a photo of a very strange poster that I saw in Manali this summer.

Jedi Throat massage-1