Exciting news and a piece of gossip


I'm going to put this photo above my washing machine.

My internet connection has been so, so broken. It seems to be fixed now in all of its dinosaur slowness.

You are hearing from a woman who is a little worn out from a year and a half of blogging on bad internet connections.  Will it ever end?

(When one WILL choose to live in a small fishing village one WILL experience some technical difficulties. Okay, okay.)

I have some exciting news and a rumor.  The exciting news is that I ordered my oven today; a little metal box that I can set over my gas burner and make heavenly concoctions in, if everyone is lucky. Or maybe just meatloaf.  Beanloaf. Lentil-loaf. Charred sneakers. I'm very excited.

The rumor that's going around is that Rae (that's me) officially finished the first draft of her novel last weekend and is now working on revisions.  A novel that she started in the Redwoods, continued in Sacramento, continued even more in Goa, worked on in the Himalayas, and finished in this studio.


That's the juicy gossip around here, anyways.  I can neither confirm nor deny it.