Two: An Island you must visit and more on Pesto


1. Pesto with cashews is really really good. (There are no pine nuts that I know of in India, and if they were, they'd probably be too expensive.)

2. Our friends who came over for dinner showed us pictures of where they live on the Isle of Mull in Scotland.  We have one more place on our map of Must Visit.

3. Renee and the Canadian girls (Becca, Cat, and Jocelyn) took the kids to their house for a few hours of fun this afternoon.  They played games (Leafy invented a version of Duck Duck Goose called Cake Cake GHOST!) and ate yummy stuff.  I stayed home and...

4. Worked on my book, which I actually fell in love with all over again.  I think I love it.  I love the characters.  (I'm not saying you will love it, but I do.)

5. Now that we have government water, the laundry smells nice again!  (The water in the well had all sorts of stink.)