Here we go FIVE. Heat version.

1. Cat and Becca making crépes in my kitchen for a goodbye brunch for Jocelyn.  Strawberries, mango, and cream on top.

2. Fresh basil in eggs.  (Hey, this is turning out to be about food again!)

3. Leafy saying, "I'm a CUDDO monster!" (cuddle monster) in his best monster voice.

4. Singing together.

5. That moment when the fans come back on after being off all day because of a planned power cut.  It's a hallelujah moment, a blissed out sigh as we turn our faces up and the moving air helps that sweat on our upper lips to dry off.


This will not be the only way I write forever and ever, but right now it is helping me to post daily, something I haven't done for quite some time.  Maybe that's number six.