Twelve: My middle name is not Daily

Time to take some photos already.  Yes, yes it is.

Grace is everywhere.

1. This morning my gas can (for my stove) ran out.  Two beautiful things: My dear neighbors in the back allowed me to run over with my porridge pot to finish cooking breakfast.  And my landlord brought another gas can by, just in time for me to start cooking lunch.  "I knew you would want it for cooking," he said.

2. Miriam had a cooking evening with the kids today and made Puris in the shape of dogs and hearts and flowers.  They were so proud to host a little dinner for us with food that they made themselves.

3. I swam with Chinua today, something we have done three times in the last five months of living by the sea.  It was wonderful.

4. Chinua and I like to pretend we are Wall E and Eve.

5. YaYa told that I'm the most beautiful girl in the whole world.  Just me, she said.  But don't feel bad, you are the second, I'm sure.  And another one thrown in there- today we took Kid A's cast off and everythings seems fine and we are DONE with the cast.  Hooray, because a six year old with no use of his right hand is about the same as a three year old, with dressing and eating and stuff like that.  Maybe a two year old.