The Players

Yesterday we had a birthday party for our five year old princess. I made a little scavenger hunt for her, so she had to find some of her presents (here's a tip for you- scavenger hunts are one of the easiest and funnest and bestest ways to make anything fun and mysterious) and I loved her so much when she got the first clue.
You'll find your first gift if you look on top of the cold food house.

Kid A read it aloud for her, and she stood for a minute before exclaiming, "I think I really know where that is!" and off she went, jubilantly, her little five-year-old legs carrying her away.

At moments like this I can barely stand how my heart feels.

I have to say that this was a good kid party, and it is proof that old dogs really can learn new tricks. The new tricks being: 1) asking for help and 2) calmly going about getting the necessary party players together.

It is my new approach to life: The Players. In Indian cooking, you have the players, the basis for almost every meal. No one told me that they were the players, but I just started thinking of them this way: onions, tomatoes, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, chillies. The concept of the players also includes the way you prepare them. So, when I think of a recipe, I think, start with the players.

I think it's the same with party planning. Start with the players. The players seem to be: Something to eat, something to drink, something to do (with kids- games), music, decorations.

Same with making a home. Something to sit on, something that moves (plants or curtains), something on the walls, something to smell, fresh flowers, something to place your coffee cup on... and so. It helps me, because these things don't come naturally.

We are getting on a train in four and a half days. I have many things to prepare, many many things. And I've been having Indian post office adventures, but maybe that's a tale for another day.