Seven is a Week of Grace

1. Here's another fact about the sea: Sometimes a cloud covers most of the water except a glimmering bar throwing sheets of gold back at the sky, way out there. That way-out-there gold gives me the most exquisite yearning that I've ever felt.

2. There were many things that I ticked off of my to-do list today. I bought watercolors for my kids, picked up cushions for our rooftop space, bought tea cups, brought my van in to have the clutch fixed, visited a friend, and bought a 50 lb bag of rice. All in the heat of the market in the nearby town. I'm very proud.

3. The aforesaid friend cooked food for my sister and I, and continued to feed us throughout our visit. She fed us aloo tomato curry, chapattis, pulao, cookies, tea, and cake. We sat and gobbled food, and she gobbled up our appreciation.

4. I spent a day marketing with my sister. A treasure.

5. The hot season is breaking in on us like a sweaty tide. We are making plans to move to the Himalayas for a few months, and while we prepare, I have declared a school vacation. The grace part? Hope for cool weather ahead? Remind me of this post when I actually put on a long-sleeved shirt for the first time in ten months.

BONUS:  Eleanor's limericks in the comment sections of my last two posts are the BEST EVER.  What a special lift to my day.