Eight: I think this gets harder as you go

1. I missed paying the electric bill by half an hour yesterday, I was supposed to pick up my van and some stepping stones for the garden today but I forgot, and I am supposed to be booking train tickets, but I never do.

Wait.  I think I forgot the point of this exercise.  Let me start over.

1. Fresh Lime Soda.  Club soda, a squeeze of lemon or lime, and some sweetener.  It fizzes! It's cold.

2. It cooled off today.

3. Leafy: "I'm just giving my baby a snuggle." (His baby is the cow that our friend left here for the kids, the same one he was nursing in a photo I took a while back.)

4. I am hand-sewing my daughter a skirt out of an old t-shirt of mine, because I like to do something with my hands while I talk, and it is too sticky for knitting.  (When the yarn won't slide through my fingers it just makes me mad.)

5. There was a girl who came over today for lunch.  I think I had pegged her in a different light than I saw her in today.  She was difficult for me to understand, but today she seemed so soft, so needy of friendship and people to love her.  I was glad to see that in her, glad to not think of her as just a party girl.  I was reminded about not being hasty, even if someone is drunk the first time you meet them.


Grace is always around me, but I have been grizzling along to myself today.  Poor me.  Poor, poor me. I'm sooooo tired.  Who will take care of me?

Wealthy woman!  Stand up and sing, already!  The treasures in your house may loudly demand a lot of attention, but they are clustered around you like stars...