Teach me to be nice to myself.

Now that we have a house, we have thrown ourselves back into school.  I love school at home, it's such great fun, and it makes for a disciplined life.  We need to move along in a rhythm, whatever the rhythm may be, so that we are learning and creating.  And of course taking time to rest and sit on rocks.

I'm also diving back into the creation of my book, and, contrary woman that I am, rather than being happy about writing, I am riddled with anxiety.

I'm hard on myself. Sweating and gritching and flicking small pieces of dust across the desk. I forget to play, to be a child.

Sounds like it's time for another batch of Grace In Small Things.  Time to be thankful, to write lists, and to take a break from hardcore writing so I can find solace in the simple.

Unfortunately, it will have to wait- our internet is not working right now, so I'm down in the village and I need to get some groceries and start the trek back up to the house.  My family is hungry and all that.  Selfish of them.

Hopefully it will be back up tonight.  The man on the phone said 2 hours, which means a full day in India.  (Indian time chart: 5 minutes= 15, 15= 1 hour, half hour means 2 hours, 1 to 2 hours means all day)

I'll be thinking about my list.