Another glimpse into the mind of my youngest son

Now that I am able to pull myself to a standing position, I will do so at any and every opportunity!  No one will be able to stop me!  I will be a STANDING BABY!

Mama would like me to go to sleep, I can tell, and though I am tired, there is simply nothing better than standing.  I will pull myself to STANDING!

She has just come in for a little bout of singing, I see.  Little does she know that singing is no use against the mighty STAND.  It doesn't matter what you sing, Mama: Twinkle twinkle, You are my Solo (to the tune of You are my Sunshine- Mama is witty), Jesus Loves Me... None will work.  For no matter how tired I am, I will continue to pull myself to my feet, and then cry because I can't get back down.  This is my superpower.

She is sighing and complaining about her back for some reason, but still standing with my little red mouth open, I can sense a victory!  I will stand, I will stand, I will stand.  I wonder... if I butt my head against her shirt with my mouth open will I get numnums?  Yes, yes I will!

She has laid me back down again, and I will not put up with this.  In another minute I'll stand again, and that'll show her!  In just another minute.  Perhaps if I just put my thumb in my mouth...  perhaps... zzzzzzzz