Links for you

When I want to live vicariously, I do so here. (These are my dear friends, and their home is very close to my old home.  But their lives have always been super cool, even before I left for the other side of the world.)

Some other incredible friends of mine just up and moved to Ethiopia to take care of kids who were in serious danger.

The brave and wonderful NieNie has a great story about marital love.

And the funny stuff:

Awkward Family Photos.  Okay, when I tell you that I looked at every. single. photo. please remember that they've only been posting since April.  But I haven't laughed like that in a long time.  My personal faves:

the Bon Family


The Pile-on


Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy : Funny, sad, true

Pride and Twitterverse :  this is genius

And the last is not a link, but another definition by the Leafy Boy:

"Leafy, what does cute mean?"

"Cute means... when a wittle baby needs to be snuggled."

Oh, he's good.