No, not the parasites!


It happens, I knew it did.  In fact, I expected it more than it's happened.  We haven't really been sick.  Everyone's been growing and twitching and leaping from high objects to demonstrate their caped superhero abilities.  Everyone eats mangos and papayas with gusto, waits for the apples to be ripe patiently, starts fiddling with tape and paper and crayons practically before the day begins.

And then my littlest guy started having yucky poos, but more than yucky.   Yucky with (mucus) and (blood).


I took him to the doctor a few days ago, and it was one of those experiences where the doctor barely listens to you, and you want to shake him and say, I could diagnose better than this!  But you don't, because you didn't go to medical school and he has the medicines.  He told me that the yucky poos were caused by his cough, a slight bronchial infection which wasn't concerning me.  IT WAS NOT THE REASON I WENT TO THE DOCTOR.  He prescribed antibiotics for the cough. (Again, not the reason I brought Solo to the doctor.)

So, today, when the poos were still yucky and scary, I took him to the Tibetan Delek hospital (remember the place with the sample fiasco?) with a poo sample with me, and they:

1. listened

2. did lab work

3. diagnosed

Turns out my baby has amoebic dysentery.  Amoebic dysentery!!! My BABY.  (Wrings hands.) (Shakes head.) (Runs over to sleeping Solo's bed to kiss him again.)

The only way I can even imagine that he got amoebas is from the bath water, which he's been splashing rather enthusiastically lately.  They gave us the stuff to take care of it, and we left with Solo singing in my ear and flirting with the doctors over my shoulder.  He has been so active, so happy, so easy-going.  It's crazy that he's been sick with amoebas.  Most adults would have been staying in bed sure that they were dying.

Now I'm wondering about everyone else.  I think that in the next few days, I'm going to go down to the hospital with a whole lot of poo, from all the different members of my family.    Labeled, of course.  Amoebas can be asymptomatic, so it would be good to get us all checked out.

Stool samples for everyone!  Just me and my bags of poo and the rickshaw driver, vs. dirty rotten amoebas up in my family's business.