Not balls, nor pins, nor knives

Perhaps you are looking for something hair-raising.  If so, Chinua has the something served up, especially if you are looking for something concerning snakes and my children.

(But don't get your hair raised too much... the snakes were harmless.  Although still... snakes.)

And speaking of animals, today the kids cornered me.

"We need to get a yak," Kid A said, truly serious.

"A yak?"  I repeated, a little dumbfounded.  "What would we do with one?"

"We don't have aaaannnnyyyy animals," YaYa added, doing her wide eye thing and waving her face in front of mine, in case I wasn't paying attention.

"We don't have anything, not even a cow, or a buffalo," said Kid A.

"We don't have a GOAT, or a chicken, or a SNAKE.  Or a rabbit, or a cat, or a dog..."

"Or a sheep!"

We do have Solo, but I suppose that's not enough.

Solo in July

(Photo by Chinua)


You know, my husband is a juggler.  He's tried to teach me, but I just can't keep everything in the air.

And that makes me wonder about my life, how I keep trying, and trying to keep it all suspended, hitting each of my palms at precisely the right moment.

1000 words... beans on to soak... time for math... Solo and the potty... burn the trash... painting... someone coming over for dinner... prayer in the morning... pick up dominoes... listen to the kids reading aloud... emails... phone calls... time to deworm...

A breeze comes.  It has been sunny for two days, and today I'm hoping for a great big storm, a rouser and a crasher, something that will sweep through and happily scare us.  Just a little thunder and lightning and a real downpour.

God knows we need it.