I loveth Saturdays

Today I woke up and tidied the house.  I threw away broken things, and burned the paper trash. I put the books back on the shelf in that nice neat way that I love and I put all the crayons back in the crayon bowl and the pencil crayons back in the pencil crayon cup.  Stuff like that. I washed my trash can. And I wrote, because I can't spend any time away from my characters or they hate me.

Then it was time to meet Chinua at the Israeli restaurant for jachnun, the delicious bready deliciousness served on Shabbat.  We love its Yemeni goodness.

After that we came home, and a couple who I've been inviting over decided to finally come.  We sat and chatted in my living room, until our neighbors stopped by.  Then we all chatted, and we all drank some chai that I made, except the first couple, who declined because it was Shabbat and they didn't drink things that were prepared on Shabbat.  (But I am a goy, I thought to myself, surely I could prepare it.  I guess it doesn't work that way.)

And then it was time for dinner, and then time to observe the stars, and breathe in the cool night air, and fill the many requests for water and blankets and this stuffed animal or that one, tucking small people in to sleep until the next morning, hopefully sunny and light.