Noodle Essay

Here's some background behind yesterday's little photo shoot. Hint: Watch Leafy

"Hey Mom, can we have some leftover plain noodles?"

"Sure, take them onto the porch."

Why does Leafy have such a big handful of noodles?

Noodle Essay 1

Why is he attempting to shove two fistfuls of noodles into his face?

Noodle Essay 2

You can tell that at this point he's realized his predicament. Too many noodles, too few hands.

Noodle Essay 3

Transferring the noodles. (Noodles on the pants!)

Noodle Essay 4

Ahhhh. Pile of noodles in one hand, feeding with the other.

Noodle Essay 5

Problem solved! (Noodles on the floor!)

All good

(Wiping noodles off the hands onto the floor!)


Just so you're aware, it's pretty awesome to clean cooked pasta off of a marble floor. I wouldn't miss it for the world.