My Superstar Husband's birthday.

Kid A and I walked to the grocery store before everyone else was awake, to buy berries and whipped cream for the traditional birthday pancake breakfast.

Making pancakes always takes a lot longer than it seems like they should. But they are perfect with berries and cream.

Matty and Lara's gift was some time on our own. (I think I scored on that one too.) They were so generous, even with all the newborn land happenings at their house.

We walked holding hands all by our lonesome. We peeked into shops. We ate sushi and gelato (not at the same time) and talked about the next natural transitions of our lives. The weather in Vancouver has been ridiculously wonderful and the sun warmed up all of my shadowy thoughts. It's hard to be afraid when it is sunny.

When we got back Lara was making the finishing touches on Chinua's cake. Angel food with more berries and kiwi-- Oh, what a day for food!

Funny face. I told him he needed to make a different face than the one he was making, and this is what he chose.

Happy birthday, dear one. I'm so glad you were born.