Written on a ferry

Today is traveling day. Boats, vans, airplanes, taxis, until we are home in Goa. Anything we would have wished for, anything left undone we have to roll up and take it along with us across the earth, because it's time to go.

I am so thankful for the time we had in Canada and the U.S. this summer.

To recap:

April: two weeks in Thailand and two weeks in Victoria. Over the mountains and a few days in Kelowna.

May and June: a few days in Portland and Eugene, Or, two weeks at the ranch on Salmon Creek with beloved tj and Mark, and two weeks in Marin County with beloved B and K. A week in Santa Cruz with wonderful Ian and Christy, ten hot days in Sacramento, being convinced that we should live in Santa Cruz for awhile, finding an apartment in Santa Cruz that would take us for only three months. General craziness.

July, August, September: a wedding in Oregon, moving into our apartment, another wedding (where Chinua took the photos) and life in Santa Cruz.

And just recently, three more weeks in Canada, in Vancouver and Victoria.

It's been a busy summer.