As you can see, I changed a few things around here. Actually, there are more than a few changes, because I switched from Wordpress, which I've been using for years, to Squarespace.

I've never been very good with code, and thinking about some changes I wanted to make on the site, I realized that I was going to have to dive back into the world of code. It made me feel exhausted. One thing I'm working on right now is simplifying my life. I want my work and brainpower and creativity to be focused towards my children, my writing, my community, and the community at large in my village. So: enough of the fizzling and sparks that fly and burn pieces of my brain when I try to code things! On to Squarespace's easy drag and drop editing.

I'm working on this in all aspects of my life right now: What can I truly give best? Where do my skills lie? Where can I ask for help?


Chinua has been working on a blog for the meditation aspect of our community, and has been recruiting guest posters. You can read about one friend's experience here.


(I'm sorry about the feed mix-ups. I'm working on the problem. Thanks for your patience!)