At the Mapusa Market

A while ago, when I went to the market, I took my camera along and took just a few shots of the thousands I could have taken.  One thing about India- it's very populated. (I realize that's terrible grammar.) Populated with people yes, but also with small businesses.  One woman selling dried fish, another selling parsnips, and only parsnips!  As one shop owner explained to me, it's why India is doing okay during the recession. Teeny tiny businesses and all the support that goes toward them.

Anyways. This is one corner of the market.

The Mapusa Market

This lady is buying the essentials. Lemons, garlic, ginger...

Selling the essentials

Mmmm. Vegetables. That's a nice tower of cauliflower that you have there, sir. I also spot some nice dill in the foreground.


Sweet potatoes!  Renee is a little worked up over sweet potatoes.  She'll let you know, too. She spent six hours preparing the sweet potatoes on Christmas Eve.  I think my title of this photo is sweet potatoes and spring onions, but now I see they are parsnips.  Silly me!

Sweet Potatoes and Spring Onions!

These are some scary walking one eyed babies. Very scary.

Scary toys

Piles of glass bangles.  I want some, but I'm always overwhelmed by the choices.

Bangles in the Mapusa Market

Textiles. Saris.

Textiles in the Mapusa Market

Displaying the sari. I could never wear that green, but of course dark skinned people can wear whatever they want.

Sari seller

I told you about steel shops.  They're addictive, all those piles of tiffins and cups and bowls of every shape and size.

Steel Shop in the Mapusa Market

This lady is thinking, finish taking the photo and take these roses already!

Woman Selling Flowers in the Mapusa Market

This is the shop that made my oven for me.I really love it. You can buy anything here.

Shop in the Mapusa Market

A sweet shop. These guys wanted me to take a photo, and I'm supposed to take them a print.

Take a photo of my shop!

Snacks.  Spicy snacks.


And last but not least. Undies! Right next to the chillies. Things are as they should be.