No particular stream

On the Google tonight I've traveled from Pomo Baskets to Mary Ward. I'm exhausted.

The book was nearly finished, it turns out.  I'm currently diving into a second revision, (sort of, that doesn't count all the times I rewrote it while I was writing my "first" draft) while attempting to finish the homeschool year and pack up the house.  We are leaving in two weeks. We're going to Thailand!  I'm so excited!

I keep trying to get Leafy excited about it, but he insists that he wants to go to Leafy-land. He gets the word Thailand confused with the word Kailand (obviously!)  Kailand was invented by Kid A when we first started traveling, as a sort of ideal country. (And yes I realize that was a name giveaway, but there's no other way to tell the story and I'm trusting it's all right!)  All the kids have one. In YaYa's, everything is made of chocolate. Also in Kid A's, but his has the added twist of a convenient way to dispose of dead bodies.

"In my country, you just eat someone after they die!" he told me.

"Yuck!" I said.

"What?" he said. "All of you is chocolate, there, even your insides!"

"Still," I said. "Yuck."


I'm very seriously considering the self-publishing route. We'll see. If I do publish my book myself, I'll be doing a little book reading and signing and meeting tour this summer.  Which sounds like fun. Like a lot of fun.

It is dark everywhere and the crickets are singing and there are strains of music coming from every direction. Solo has a new way of smiling which makes him even cuter. I waded through three chapters today, and now I think I can go to bed.