The silence.

I've been making a video to show you, and it's been taking a long time because I'm not very good at making videos.

Chinua pulled out the camera one day and chased the kids with it, and in the simple footage of about ten minutes, he captured some of what our home is like here, so I thought I'd put it to music and put it up.

I have just a few more things to do, and I've run out of steam tonight, so I'll put it up tomorrow.  It's an uneventful, sweet kind of video.

Video making. Packing. Today I pulled out the warm clothes that I'll pack just in case it's still on the chilly side in Canada. Right now it is very hot here, hot and humid, so I don't even like to touch warm things.  Don't even like to look at them.  You want to show me your sweater?  NO THANKS.  Unless you can take a picture of yourself wearing it in the snow, because that balances things.  I can handle that.