The video!

Eleanor, I am NOT a tease.  Vague, yes. Well intentioned and not following through. Sometimes.

(Pomo baskets were just a smidgen of research for the book, and Mary Ward was clickthrough clickthrough clickthrough from some more research.  Of the history of the automobile.)

And like Christine said in the comments, I do think Eleanor should get an award for best commenter. Because she writes poems.  Which is awesome.

Here is the video!  Just some background: you'll see our kids, and also a friend of theirs, Kora, from Italy. Paola, I'd like to point out that homemade gnocchi features in this video.

Enough of that!  Chinua took a one-shot one afternoon, when he was chasing the kids with the camera, and I was inspired by the many small beautiful moments in it.

Here it is:

The Chase from Rae Ford on Vimeo.