It's just going to be the same thing, over and over again, here.  You might want to skip past these parts.

EVERYTHING IS SO CLEAN!  I was examining our guest house today, trying to figure it out.  Why is the effect so peaceful?  Is it the tiles, and how they line up with each other?

Pedestrians have the right of way.  That's just inch away from death for us, my friends.

And... I'm still freaking out.  But mildly! Inside!  And a word to the wise!  Just because there are amazing coffee shops and amazing coffee everywhere doesn't mean you have to drink it all the time! (It adds to the freaking out, friends, it really does.)

I saw a Starbucks today. I just shut my eyes and turned in the other direction, pretending it wasn't there. It might have taken me over the edge.

We are in Chiang Mai, in the north.  We took a sleeper class night train last night, which is a totally pleasant way to travel, even if you have too much stuff with you. Bring snacks though.  They charge a bundle for the train food, unlike India.

Our daughter is named after an African country which begins with K and ends with ya. When she told the man at our guest house her name, he pointed to Leafy and asked, "His name Congo?"  I laughed.  It was really witty, I've never had anyone ask me that before.  Then he started talking about the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco and the Beat Scene, totally randomly. (It had something to do with wanting dreadlocks, but not wanting to deal with the stigma in Thailand.) And then he refused to give Cate a coconut shake because it's too hot out for coconut. "Not good for the stomach."

A character. He's helping himself to a little too much of this fine coffee.

So, in approximately thirteen minutes I am off to take a Thai cooking class.  I'm hoping to learn all about the Thai Players.

I'll try to take pictures.