Sometimes things become very clear

Geographical Marker

I've made a decision.  I think I'd be rushing this book along too much, to publish it this summer.

And I know why I'd be doing it.  It has become clear. It's because of fear. Fear of not having money. Feeling like I need to sell something, and sell it quickly, so that we'll be okay.

But fear is never a good motivator, and I know that this book needs me to be fully alive for it for a while longer, I know there is more that I can give it.  So I won't be publishing it this summer.  We'll see if it's ready in the fall. I'm hoping to attend a writing conference to get some more input.

Whew. Fear is a large boulder, isn't it? Worry is such a false friend, all that needle-clacking comfort of it. To sit and stew and imagine that there's some button you could push to change things, to make things all better, all by yourself. Sustained by the breath of God, we are fidgety and obstinate (I am anyways), trying to jam candle wax into all the holes in the walls, though we don't have to be afraid of the air outside.

Anyhow.  I'll be so pleased to share it with you when it is ready. It is beloved to me.


Did you see that facebook badge over there?  That's something I've been afraid of for a while.  Connecting this life and that one.  And then I realized, what will happen?  Nothing much, is what.  I'll gain a few more friends and see more of your insights and dull moments that we all insist on updating each other with.  (The duller the better!  Tell me about your french toast!)

I'm also better (only slightly) on facebook than on twitter.


And another thing: (Totally unrelated, but important)

Fitted sheets: Necessary or not?

They are easy to keep on the bed, but hard to fold. Flat sheets are easy to fold and don't hide socks.  We don't have fitted sheets in India, so it is a new/old question for me. What do you think?